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Vortex Vision Board Workshop 2023

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If you haven't yet created your 2023 Vision Board, I've got your back. Warning though, this is not a workshop where we discuss what pretty things you're going to cut from a magazine and stick on a cork board, hoping it will somehow land on your lap (I know you know that!) if you've been in my world a while, you know we go deep, or go home. Together I guide you through the workbook PDF, which supports you in reflecting and releasing the year gone by, limiting beliefs and baggage you've been carrying around and helps you turn the page and start a new chapter. Getting clarity on how you want to FEEL in all areas of your life is fundamental, because these are the stepping stones to you setting and achieving your goals. There are a number of powerful guided meditations and visualisations, and as a bonus for signing up to this workshop, you'll get access to a free Hypnotherapy track: Unlock Your Ability to Visualise, and a seperate meditation recording to listen to once you've created your Vortex Vision Board. You get all this for just £33, with lifetime access! I can't wait to see your vision board and hear how you enjoyed the workshop, do reach out to me if you have any questions or want to share a picture of your board! I love seeing them!

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