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Life and Mindset Coach, Podcast Host of 'Going Within Is The New Going Out'

#1 Amazon Best-Selling Author, International Speaker, Intuitive Rock Music Lover and Twin Mum.

Back In The Day


I’ve often been referred to as ‘different’, especially at high school. I was the girl who locked herself away in the music room to song write at lunch time, I adored rock music (still do!) and my passion was anything that wasn’t classed as ‘academic’.  

I had a fiery passion and a strong work ethic from a young age. I charged 50p to family and neighbours to watch dance shows from the age of 6. That was a fair old entry fee back then!  

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Which Path?

I spent my late teens and early 20’s traveling and working overseas as a singer and dancer. I was living my dream life. But internally I was living with anxiety and ton of self-doubt. I all honesty, I thought that was how everyone felt and operated.

I became a pro at painting on a smile and hiding the bully that lived within my mind. It wasn’t until I ‘fell’ into the wrong crowd (made a ton of bad choices) did I find myself trying to cope by partying, taking drugs and getting into dangerous relationships with narcissistic men.

The First of Many Awakenings

It took me having to escape from where I was living in the middle of the night to truly realise what a dark place I was in. I lacked confidence, I was on a path of self-destruction and something within me was screaming that there must be another way.

Within the next year, I lost my stepdad to suicide and my best friend to cancer. I was heartbroken and riddled with feelings of guilt, loss and anger. But amongst the internal darkness, it lit a spark within me.

I knew I was faced with a choice. I can stay where I was, angry at the world and frozen with confusion over who I was and what to do with my life? Or I can begin to make some big changes - starting with me, and my mindset.

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The Turning Point

After a year of committing to different therapies and rebuilding my life in my hometown, I knew my calling was to help others heal, realise their potential, and help them get on the life path that was meant for them.


The last 6 years I have dedicated my life to just that. I spent hundreds of hours, and thousands of pounds on my education to be the Mindset Coach I am today. 

I grew my business organically starting in my spare back bedroom, giving talks on mental health, mindset, and wellbeing around the country in both corporate settings, and schools. My biggest driver is helping people to recognise that they aren’t alone in how they are feeling (as much as Insta makes us feel the whole world is living their best life) and that for anything to change, whether it’s career, health, relationships, confidence, and self-belief – it all starts from within first. This transformation is my place of expertise.

Healing and Flourishing

My journey has guided me to combine working with the power of Mindset, the unconscious mind to heal from past trauma, alongside Heart Healing and spiritual connection. This is what sets me apart from other coaches. I help you awaken parts of you that over the decades have been lost, forgotten, or beaten down.


Since embodying the healing and mindset work myself, I often pinch myself that the life I have consciously manifested is mine. I get to run my business around my twin boys Blake and Carter (these guys were my greatest manifestation of all time!) I have more financial abundance, I’m married to an incredible man who supports my wings being spread, we own our own home, adore travel, have good health, and happiness and abundance is what we choose to live by. 

Even when life hits us hard, which it certainly has over the years, we’ve got the resilience and mindset tools to get us through anything. This I believe is the ultimate freedom.



Lone Wolf

On reflection of my own journey over the past 6 years, I felt lonely and misunderstood at times. I craved a community of like-minded people. I wanted a leader who was brave enough to light the way having been through the trenches themselves. I bounced from coach to therapist looking for my tribe. Nada.


So, I felt the calling to step into the light myself, and as a result the tribe came forward. They felt the same and we continue to find each other. For that, I’ll be forever grateful. This led to creating the Warrior Coaching Academy Online Membership. A place where people can have a safe space to shed their sh*t and grow, support each other, and learn new mindset tools and personal development strategies every month.

One of my highest values both personally and professionally is community and growth. Over the years I've guided many free masterclasses, hosted challenges and sell out group coaching programs, and continue to do so to this day.


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Book Your Free Discovery Call

Complimentary 20 minute call to discover what your biggest struggles are, your goals and how working together we can help you create the life that is aligned with your most happy, healthy and successful self.​

Values I Live and Work By


It takes being open and honest to do the inner work. I’m real and raw with my sharings’ about my lessons and my celebrations. When you can honestly own your past, you can authentically create your future.



My background has given me thick skin, and shoes I am pretty damn proud to walk in. No matter what you’ve been through or the mistakes you’ve made, I’m here to empower you to be your own source of motivation. Once that spark get’s lit, there’s no putting it out.


Give Back

I’m a serial over giver. I believe when we are able to share our gifts and hold our hands out to help support others, it’s an honour and duty to do so. We as a business support Tree’s For The Future Charity via the Warrior Coaching Academy Membership, and The Mental Health Foundation via the Warrior Wellbeing Toolkit book sales. 



Both personally and professionally I crave growth. The quote that has always rang so true to me is the Tony Robbins one, “if we’re not growing, we’re dying”. Sounds dramatic, I know. But when I first work with clients, one thing that often comes through is that they feel stagnant in life, they crave growth but don’t recognise it because the self-sabotage, procrastination and lack of self belief is so strong. We light up when we learn, we are ever evolving beings and it’s a powerful part of life when practiced.



On all levels. I love humans. The way we operate fascinates me and our capabilities, and ability to connect to ourselves and is endless. I adore the spirit self that lives within us and the connection and guidance we have available around us at our finger tips - that’s been a game changer in life. I also love dogs. All dogs. Dogs, dogs, dogs. 


What Clients Say about - Life & Career Coaching

In October my daughter attempted suicide and I had a mental breakdown. I explained my situation to Carol-Ann during our discovery call, she listened gently and asked kind questions. I felt heard. It was an incredible 30 mins.She was the person I was looking for!


I booked in for 1-2-1 coaching immediately.Carol-Ann has a beautiful soul and is incredibly open, honest and intuitive. In one of our sessions she did NLP and energy healing, it was so powerful and I was released from many decades of emotional pain. I was desperately unhappy in my job of 11 years and wanted to go self-employed but recognised I needed to do the personal growth first.


Carol-Ann supported me to find my confidence, banish my demons and follow my true path.  Four months since I first worked with Carol-Ann I’ve just left my job and started my own business which she supported me in setting up.I’ve gone from being scared, anxious, depressed and lost to super excited, empowered and energised. I would strongly advise you to stop your search and contact Carol-Ann right this minute, working with her will change your life! ​


Amber ​Harrison

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