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1-2-1 Coaching Package – Unlock Your True Potential


Do you feel stuck at a crossroads in your life, lacking direction and clarity on who you truly are?

Are you ready for a shake up in your life and want to discover your purpose, but fear of change, judgment and failure holds you back?

Is anxiety impacting your confidence, and no matter how hard you try, you can't get out of your own head and see the wood for the trees?

Struggling to let go of past hurt and trauma and find yourself trapped in unhelpful habits, seeking out quick fixes and never quite feeling enough as you are?


If any of the above resonates, I am here to help.


Which Path?

I’m Carol-Ann Reid, a Mindset Coach with over a decade of experience, who specialises in supporting heart-led individuals to overcome fears and obstacles, ignite their inner light, and create lasting change.


Through my unique blend of mindset and healing modalities, including NLP, Hypnotherapy, HeartHealing™, CBT, Theta Healing, and Life Coaching skills, I guide my clients on a personalised transformative journey of self-discovery, healing, and personal growth.


Working with me is not about quick fixes or temporary solutions. It's about diving deep into your mind and heart, uncovering limiting beliefs and trauma, and releasing the emotional blocks that have been holding you back for way too long. Together, we will explore your inner landscape, embed empowering habits and beliefs, and create a roadmap for lasting change and fulfilment.

There really is no ‘one-size fits all’ when it comes to healing and transformation. With a focus on personalisation and tailored strategies, my coaching approach is designed to meet you where you are and guide you towards your desired outcomes, and beyond.

I believe that true transformation starts with self-awareness and the willingness to take responsibility for your own growth. If you've read the self-development books (or have all the intention to but it's more like shelf-development!), have a level of self-awareness, and understand that change begins within, then you're already on the right path.

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By working together, you will:


- Overcome Anxiety and Negative Self-Talk: Learn effective techniques to manage and overcome anxiety, freeing you to re-discover your truest self and embody inner peace. Through a combination of subconscious mindset work, nervous system regulation techniques, and tailored CBT strategies, you will reclaim your peace of mind and live with greater calm and resilience.


- Release Trauma: Heal and release the emotional weight that gets carried around when we hold onto unresolved trauma and painful experiences from the past. Using gentle yet powerful healing modalities such as HeartHealing™ and Hypnotherapy, we will address and transform the impact of past events, allowing you to step into a future feeling safe, whole and with a heart that is open to receiving all of its desires.


- Break Free from Old Habits: Identify and transform self-sabotaging habits that have kept you stuck in unproductive patterns. Together, we will create new empowering habits and routines that support your growth, wellbeing, and success.


- Gain Clarity: Release confusion and uncertainty as we uncover your true passions, values, purpose, and goals. Through powerful questioning and introspection, we will illuminate your path and provide you with a clear sense of direction, and a strategy for success.


- Boost Confidence: Develop unwavering self-belief and confidence as we release self-limiting beliefs, rewrite negative thought patterns, and embrace your unique strengths and abilities. Step into your power and unlock the limitless possibilities within you.

Investing in yourself is a powerful act of self-love and an investment in your future. Through our 1-2-1 coaching sessions, you will receive the guidance, support, and tools needed to unlock your true potential, create a life of fulfilment, and become the best version of yourself.

If you would like to explore your goals, struggles and what it looks like to work together, simply book in a call using the link below.

This is an opportunity to get to know each other, you can speak in a safe and supportive space and together look at what the best next steps are for you.



Are you ready to embark on a transformational journey of self-discovery, healing, and personal growth?


Take the first step today and book a discovery call to explore how my 1-2-1 coaching services can empower you to create the life you've always dreamed of. Together, let's unleash your inner light and create a future filled with purpose, joy, and success.

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Book Your Free Discovery Call

Book your complimentary 30 minute call to discover what your biggest struggles are, your goals and how working together we can help you create the life that is aligned with your most happy, healthy and successful self.​ 

Simply click the link below and fill out the form, and Carol-Ann will be back in touch with you within 24 hours.


Values I Live and Work By


It takes being open and honest to do the inner work. I’m real and raw with my sharings’ about my lessons and my celebrations. When you can honestly own your past, you can authentically create your future.



My background has given me thick skin, and shoes I am pretty damn proud to walk in. No matter what you’ve been through or the mistakes you’ve made, I’m here to empower you to be your own source of motivation. Once that spark get’s lit, there’s no putting it out.


Give Back

I’m a serial over giver. I believe when we are able to share our gifts and hold our hands out to help support others, it’s an honour and duty to do so. We as a business support Tree’s For The Future Charity via the Warrior Coaching Academy Membership, and The Mental Health Foundation via the Warrior Wellbeing Toolkit book sales. 



Both personally and professionally I crave growth. The quote that has always rang so true to me is the Tony Robbins one, “if we’re not growing, we’re dying”. Sounds dramatic, I know. But when I first work with clients, one thing that often comes through is that they feel stagnant in life, they crave growth but don’t recognise it because the self-sabotage, procrastination and lack of self belief is so strong. We light up when we learn, we are ever evolving beings and it’s a powerful part of life when practiced.



On all levels. I love humans. The way we operate fascinates me and our capabilities, and ability to connect to ourselves and is endless. I adore the spirit self that lives within us and the connection and guidance we have available around us at our finger tips - that’s been a game changer in life. I also love dogs. All dogs. Dogs, dogs, dogs. 

What Clients Say about - Life & Career Coaching

In October my daughter attempted suicide and I had a mental breakdown. I explained my situation to Carol-Ann during our discovery call, she listened gently and asked kind questions. I felt heard. It was an incredible 30 mins.She was the person I was looking for!


I booked in for 1-2-1 coaching immediately.Carol-Ann has a beautiful soul and is incredibly open, honest and intuitive. In one of our sessions she did NLP and energy healing, it was so powerful and I was released from many decades of emotional pain. I was desperately unhappy in my job of 11 years and wanted to go self-employed but recognised I needed to do the personal growth first.


Carol-Ann supported me to find my confidence, banish my demons and follow my true path.  Four months since I first worked with Carol-Ann I’ve just left my job and started my own business which she supported me in setting up.I’ve gone from being scared, anxious, depressed and lost to super excited, empowered and energised. I would strongly advise you to stop your search and contact Carol-Ann right this minute, working with her will change your life! ​


Amber ​Harrison

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