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Unlock Your Light Leadership™  Potential: 6-Month Mentorship Program


Are you a heart-led business owner, or in start-up phase and consider yourself to be an empath, change maker and passionate lightworker, eager to elevate your business or start-up to new heights?

Despite your efforts in mindset work, and your passion for what you do, do you feel held back from achieving your true potential?

Are you yearning for a profound transformation that will unlock the success and abundance you deserve and are here to embody?

If you're ready to step into your role as a confident and empowered light leader , I'm here to guide you on an extraordinary journey of alignment, growth and achieving your wildest dreams.


Which Path?

I'm Carol-Ann Reid, a seasoned mentor and healer committed to helping visionary individuals like you unleash your full potential and make a profound impact in the world. Through my exclusive 6-month Light Leader™  Mentorship Program, I harness powerful healing modalities, transformational coaching, and personalised mentoring to help you align with your authentic vision, awaken your voice, and ignite a ripple effect of positive change.

Throughout our transformative journey together, we'll address the specific challenges faced by lightworkers and heart-centered business owners.

So often Lightworkers are empaths, they are highly sensitive and care deeply about what they do, and the results they deliver. Often, Lightworkers undercharge, over deliver and have an engrained desire to be liked. But what happens is, you fall into the trap of people pleasing, perfectionism or procrastination, playing small and underselling your services, products or ideas. The fear of judgment, failure or even success blocks you from going to the next level. 


While you possess a deep understanding of the power of mindset and energy, there's still untapped potential within you waiting to be awakened. We'll dive into the core beliefs and patterns holding you back, facilitating deep healing and transformation. By overcoming self-limiting beliefs surrounding self-worth, abundance, and visibility, you'll confidently embrace your unique gifts, talents, and expertise, and feel empowered to charge what you're truly worth.




Together, we focus on five key pillars:


1. Inner Healing and Transformation: Uncover and release the blocks, fears, and self-limiting beliefs that hinder your light leadership potential. Drawing from a fusion of powerful modalities such as NLP, hypnotherapy, heart healing, and mentoring, we'll facilitate profound healing at a core level, allowing you to embody your worth and step into your authentic power.


2. Discovering Your Authentic Vision and Mission: Gain crystal-clear clarity on your purpose and the impact you're meant to make, and ensure you are being paid your worth! We'll explore your passions, values, and unique strengths, aligning them with your business or concept to create a purpose-driven path forward that is deeply meaningful to you. We break down any resistance and old programming around wealth, and align your offerings and services in a way that feel empowering and has you wanting to shout from the rooftops about them!


3. Awakening Your Voice and Visibility: Empower yourself to be seen, heard, and valued for your contributions. Together, we'll amplify your presence, develop your personal brand, and craft a magnetic message that resonates deeply with your ideal audience. Embrace your authenticity and become a confident, influential voice within your industry.


4. Solidifying Boundaries and Achieving Work-Life Harmony: Establish healthy boundaries that honor your well-being and allow you to thrive. We'll develop effective strategies to create a sustainable and balanced approach to work and life, ensuring your personal life receives the attention and nurturing it deserves. You don't have to be glued to your phone or desk to achieve success (I promise!)

5. Connection and Community: Being amongst like minded Light Workers and people who are out there making a difference, not only empowers you, but can often lead to the most beautiful collaborations, referrals and even friendships. You will a part of supportive and empowering community, for that extra dose of accountability and like-minded souls to bounce off. 

Throughout the mentorship, you'll receive 6 one-to-one sessions, complemented by monthly mastermind sessions for the remaining duration of the program. In addition, you'll have exclusive voice memo access, providing ongoing support and guidance right at your fingertips. Consider me your dedicated warrior wing woman, committed to walking alongside you every step of the way.

I'm a huge advocate for collaboration and connection, I have a thriving network that we can tap you into along your journey. From podcast interviews, networking, speaking opportunities, collaborations and more.


Investing in the Light Leader Mentorship Program is an investment in your personal and professional growth, as well as the profound impact you're destined to make in the world. You are at the heart of everything you do. When you emerge from this transformative journey, you'll radiate newfound confidence, clarity, and alignment with your purpose. Gone are the days of playing small or allowing the glass ceiling to define your potential. Together, we'll shatter those limitations and transform that ceiling into your dance floor.

Ready to create a legacy that inspires generations to come?

The next step is to book in a call using the link below.

This is an opportunity to get to know each other, you can speak in a safe and supportive space and together explore what the best next steps are for you.
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If you're ready to embrace your role as a Light Leader, make an enduring difference, and manifest the abundance you truly deserve, I invite you to book a discovery call. Let's explore how my Light Leader Mentorship Program can propel you toward your vision, revolutionize your life, and illuminate the world with your brilliance.

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Book Your Free Discovery Call

Book your complimentary 30 minute call to discover what your biggest struggles are, your goals and how working together we can help you create the life that is aligned with your most happy, healthy and successful self.​

Values I Live and Work By


It takes being open and honest to do the inner work. I’m real and raw with my sharings’ about my lessons and my celebrations. When you can honestly own your past, you can authentically create your future.



My background has given me thick skin, and shoes I am pretty damn proud to walk in. No matter what you’ve been through or the mistakes you’ve made, I’m here to empower you to be your own source of motivation. Once that spark get’s lit, there’s no putting it out.


Give Back

I’m a serial over giver. I believe when we are able to share our gifts and hold our hands out to help support others, it’s an honour and duty to do so. We as a business support Tree’s For The Future Charity via the Warrior Coaching Academy Membership, and The Mental Health Foundation via the Warrior Wellbeing Toolkit book sales. 



Both personally and professionally I crave growth. The quote that has always rang so true to me is the Tony Robbins one, “if we’re not growing, we’re dying”. Sounds dramatic, I know. But when I first work with clients, one thing that often comes through is that they feel stagnant in life, they crave growth but don’t recognise it because the self-sabotage, procrastination and lack of self belief is so strong. We light up when we learn, we are ever evolving beings and it’s a powerful part of life when practiced.



On all levels. I love humans. The way we operate fascinates me and our capabilities, and ability to connect to ourselves and is endless. I adore the spirit self that lives within us and the connection and guidance we have available around us at our finger tips - that’s been a game changer in life. I also love dogs. All dogs. Dogs, dogs, dogs. 

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What Clients Say about - Life & Career Coaching

In October my daughter attempted suicide and I had a mental breakdown. I explained my situation to Carol-Ann during our discovery call, she listened gently and asked kind questions. I felt heard. It was an incredible 30 mins.She was the person I was looking for!


I booked in for 1-2-1 coaching immediately.Carol-Ann has a beautiful soul and is incredibly open, honest and intuitive. In one of our sessions she did NLP and energy healing, it was so powerful and I was released from many decades of emotional pain. I was desperately unhappy in my job of 11 years and wanted to go self-employed but recognised I needed to do the personal growth first.


Carol-Ann supported me to find my confidence, banish my demons and follow my true path.  Four months since I first worked with Carol-Ann I’ve just left my job and started my own business which she supported me in setting up.I’ve gone from being scared, anxious, depressed and lost to super excited, empowered and energised. I would strongly advise you to stop your search and contact Carol-Ann right this minute, working with her will change your life! ​


Amber ​Harrison

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