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Citrine Crystal Crown of Courage

Citrine Crystal Crown of Courage

Citrine Crystal Crown 


This stunning crystal crown is embellished with the powerful crystal Citrine, hence its nickname the Crown of Courage! 


Citrine’s properties help enhance self-esteem and self-image, promotes clarity of thinking, creativity and asserting personal will. It’s also often called upon as the crystal of abundance and prosperity. 


You may wish to wear the crown to a special occasion, when you want a confidence and courage boost or why not make your weekly trip to the shops more exhilarating by rocking your crown!


Your crown will be smudged and cleansed with sage before packaging - clearing and charging the crystals ready for you to use. 


When you order, not only will you receive your crystal crown carefully packaged to ensure safe delivery, but you’ll also be sent a pre-recorded visualisation meditation to listen to when you first wear your crown. This audio will activate more inner courage and confidence, and call upon your higher self for guidance and support to facilitate new beginnings. 

The crowns are handmade in the UK, using Grade A Citrine. 

£39 including P&P

Our Eco Warrior Pledge - In 2023 and beyond, we are committed to working towards off setting our carbon footprint as an online business. For every order you place, we contribute to a tree being planted. Our vision is as the business continues to grow, we can support more UK offset projects. 

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