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Warrior Wellbeing Toolkit Book

Warrior Wellbeing Toolkit Book

Ever feel like you are on your own when it comes to your mental health and wellbeing?

Have you read the self-help books that tell you to simply slow down, relax and reach out for ‘help’ if needed? Do you feel like you are ready to step into your personal power and take your health, happiness and wellbeing back into your hands? 

The Warrior Wellbeing Toolkit is a guidebook for men and women who want to be free from their past, feel confident and resilient in their own skin, and live an empowered life knowing that if (or when) life throws them a curve ball, they have their own unique self-help tools and techniques at their fingertips to help keep their wellbeing a top priority.

Inside you’ll find inspirational insights, self-help tools, expert techniques and Warrior wisdom from 16 collaborative authors. Each has a professional background in the personal development space, from coaches, physiologist, personal trainers to holistic and spiritual healers. 

They have come together in honour of World Mental Health day to bring pro-active mental health support to Warriors around the world. 

Full of powerful exercises, profound lessons and inspiring tales, this honest and courageous book will help you to evolve from being a worrier to a warrior, discover alternative healing therapies and welcome you to become part of the Warrior Wellbeing movement.


Our Eco Warrior Pledge - In 2023 and beyond, we are committed to working towards off setting our carbon footprint as an online business. For every order you place, we contribute to a tree being planted. Our vision is as the business continues to grow, we can support more UK offset projects. 

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