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The 1% Resilience Rule That Will Transform Your Mind

What if I told you it only takes 1% of your day to strengthen your mindset, calm your nervous system (get a handle on any anxiety) and set your intentions for the day ahead?

Sounds like a promise and a half I know, but it’s a thing. It’s possible for you to do, even if you’re mega busy and often find yourself saying “I don’t have time to myself, never mind to meditate!” (This used to be me by the way)

1% of your day is just 14 minutes - 14.5 minutes to be exact.

If you commit this amount of time per day to doing something that fills up your cup, it has the ability to be life changing.

We often hear resilience being the ‘bounce back ability’ but I’m a huge believer and advocate for prevention over cure. Meaning if you commit to a simple mindset routine for just 1% of your day, your resilience will strengthen and you’ll actually approach your day with a calmer, more focused mind.

Think about what a difference that would make to your life, family, relationships, career, mental and physical health.

We so often use time as an excuse. As a busy mum to twin nearly two year olds I get it. I really do. But if we can’t dedicate 14 minutes to ourselves per day, the balance is out, and only we have the power to change that.

You owe it to yourself.

Once you get into flow of dedicating these 14 minutes to yourself, you won’t want to not do it. The results and feelings you get are too good not to.

Here’s how to make the most out of that 1%:

  • Set an alarm on your phone if you are on a time schedule, and pop your phone on airplane mode to eliminate distractions.

  • Now we’re going to reverse engineer it. Ask yourself “How do I want to feel today?”

  • If you want to feel more calm (say the kids are on their school holidays or you have a big meeting), let feeling more calm be your intention for that day.

  • Calm. What could you do for 14 minutes to help you feel more calm? Meditate, practice breathing exercises, listen to your fave chill out music, light a candle and just be present, go for a walk without your phone… the choice is yours.

If you wanted to feel more grounded - you could go for a walk in nature, have a change scenery in your house/office. Want to feel more confident? You could listen to something motivational on Youtube, wear what you feel good in, listen to your favourite power house songs.

The key thing here is you do YOU!

I could give you a hundred examples, but only you know what could work. Trial and error, get to know what lights you up in different ways.

See if you can do it for the next 7 days.

Resilience is different to everyone. As a life and mindset coach, something I recommend to all my clients is utilise the self-help tools you have available to you each and every day. They tend to be the simple things we tell ourselves we don’t have time for. Now you know you do, it’s just a choice away.

I’d love to know your thoughts on the 1% resilience rule and how you find using it!

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