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Anxiety Relief - Warrior CBT Wristband

Anxiety Relief - Warrior CBT Wristband

The Awaken the Warrior CBT band is a self-help tool and technique that helps you to overcome anxiety and negative self-talk.

It helps you to become more self-aware and recognise how you are thinking and feeling


The snap of the band interrupts your habitual, negative thought patterns and empowers you to change your thinking by focusing on something more positive and helpful.


Over time, your natural way of thinking is more empowering and supports your mental health and wellbeing. Use it to help you feel more confident, in control, grounded and focused.


The bands are reversible, so whether you are in a meeting or going out socially, the band looks discreet and stylish. It is unisex and available in two sizes.

10% from every sale will be donated to the Mental Health Foundation


Please note that price includes postage and packaging.


Our Eco Warrior Pledge - In 2023 and beyond, we are committed to working towards off setting our carbon footprint as an online business. For every order you place, we contribute to a tree being planted. Our vision is as the business continues to grow, we can support more UK offset projects. 

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