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An online membership to heal, grow and create a more fulfilled and abundant life, alongside like-hearted warrior women.

Welcome to

The Warrior of Light Academy Membership


Living a life that you jump out of bed for in the morning isn't about material success, the number of likes on your social media, or a number on your scales. Success and fulfilment comes from within you; feeling confident being your authentic self, doing what lights your heart up, and having the courage and self-belief to turn your dreams into reality. 


When your light is activated through healing, and your higher self awakens, there’s no putting that light out. You are ready to RISE like the Warrior woman you are with grit, grace and gratitude. 


The Warrior of Light Academy is a safe and sacred space for you to be yourself, feel listened to and understood, connect with fellow Warrioresses, and rise together in a judgment-free zone. 


It’s through these connections and sense of community that we surrender to nourishing ourselves, and doing the inner discovery work. With support and coaching from Carol-Ann, you will create lasting change that is the foundation to your inner peace, and ever evolving success, health and happiness.

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  The Warrior Academy Membership Offers:


  • The 21 Day Conscious Confidence Blueprinting Program (worth £99 - Starting Mon 8th May 23)​


  • Monthly Soul Goal Setting Sessions 

  • Monthly coaching, healing, self care routines and tips, spiritual connection rituals 

  • Access to a library of guided meditations, visualisations and hypnotherapy tracks

  • Lunar ceremonies (New Moon & Full Moon) 

  • Weekly affirmation phone wallpapers, gratitude and reflection prompts and check ins

  • Q&A sessions and oracle card readings

  • Quarterly guest expert sessions

  • Support, encouragement and motivation from other members

  • All members also receive discounts and first access to workshops, programs & packages

  • Instant access to the 90 Day Awakening Activation Program 


Areas of Wellbeing & Spirituality Covered Annually:

-Energy & law of Attraction
-Habits & Rituals
-Boundaries & Self Care
-Health & Wellbeing
-Mental & Emotional Health
-Abundance & Prosperity
-Vision Boarding
-Crystals & Healing
-Love & Self Love
-Guides, Angels & Spiritual Connection
-Career & Life Path

The moment you become a Warrior Academy Member, you gain instant access to The Awakening Activation Program; known as AA for the soul.


A self-study 90 day program that will crack open your mind, heart and soul to your inner truths and intuitions, so you can start living your most confident, aligned and awakened life!


When it comes to making radical change and rising after trauma and challenges, there are certain foundations that need to be laid first. If you were to build the Empire State Building on rubble and uneven ground, it wouldn’t be long until the beautiful building became unsteady. 


The relationships, health, career and abundance you dream of all reside within you. This program will enable you to awaken the confidence, connection and self-belief that’s needed, to start creating a life and reflection in the mirror you adore.





We have reached a time where mental health and connection is at an all time low, many women are carrying around wounds and pain from their pasts, with huge expectations and pressure to be the perfect partner, wife, mother, friend, worker and everything else in between. But when you feel disconnected to yourself and your life path, it’s no wonder the pressure feels all too much and you experience anxiety, burn-out and lack of motivation.

The Warrior Academy Membership combines a holistic approach to healing from the inside out, combining science and spirituality as you get clarity of what you want more of in life, and become a conscious creator and manifester of your hearts deepest desires.



The 3 Pillars to Awakening are:

Mindset Mastery, Heartfulness & Spiritual Connection. 

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The Awakening Pillars that Carol-Ann will guide you through (with nothing held back!) will shake up, and wake up your next level of success and fulfilment in life. 

What’s covered in the 90 Day Awakening Activation ...

Mindset Mastery


  • Awareness of self and decoding the conditioning

  • Attitude of gratitude and forgiveness 

  • Affirmations and your greatest love story of all time

  • Alignment to your higher self


  • Befriending your inner child

  • Belief in yourself and your life path

  • Boundaries and energy protection

  • Brain Heart Coherence 

Spiritual Connection


  • Connection to your intuition, and activating your inner light leader

  • Clarity and connection to 7 laws of the universe 

  • Co-creating with the Universe

  • Confidence and clarity 

The Warrior Academy Membership combines a holistic approach to healing from the inside out, combining science and spirituality as you get clarity of what you want more of in life, and become a conscious creator and manifester of your hearts deepest desires.

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 Hi I’m Carol-Ann Reid!

I'm excited to be welcoming you to this opportunity to have transformational life coaching support, expansive program’s and an online network of like-hearted Warriors, without having to invest thousands in your personal growth.

I believe that everyone is worthy and deserving of love, abundance and happiness, and these are the pieces of the puzzle that lead to fearlessly achieving your dreams and desires.

I can't wait to welcome you in.

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