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How did I get here?

Updated: Oct 7, 2022

It’s still a pinch me moment when I reflect on what I do now in life as a career. It was once a distant dream, that something inside of me believed I was called to do. I am a Transformational Life Coach, Master NLP Practitioner, Business Mentor, helping heart-driven entrepreneurs take their idea from concept to creation, international motivational speaker, radio show host and best-selling author. To sum it up, I help people transform their mind, and transform their life. Credentials to one side, I am also a blessed wife, mum to our fur-baby Stanley and lover of all things retro and rock music. Rewind 10 years ago though, you’d find a very different person than the one sat here today.

To the outside world, everything looked pretty damn good. Self-employed from the age of 18, singing and dancing professionally, earning great money, travelling to beautiful countries, good car and big dreams. On the inside, however, I was fighting a battle. Back then, I thought that if you put a mask on and pretended life is all good then, surely, one day something will change? Hiding my truth felt exhausting and fitting in with the crowd made me feel like a fraud, especially when you know deep down that you’re made for more. I found myself feeling stuck, lost and anxious.

When it all went wrong I fell into “the wrong crowd” as they say, it wasn’t long until I was in a mentally abusive relationship, taking drugs and not recognising the person I saw reflecting back at me in the mirror. It was New Year’s Eve 2009 when I had my first major wake-up call. I was held up in a flat for close to three days and quite literally escaped for my life, leaving everything and everyone I had grown to know behind me. I quickly realised I had lost my sense of who I was and longed to belong. Having changed my environment, my wardrobe, hair style, car and let go of toxic relationships, I perused my dream of being a professional singer. I thought it was a ‘fresh start’ that I needed, that will surely fix everything. Despite feeling more positive, the fear and anxiety still lingered internally. I then suffered the heartache of losing my best friend to cancer and my stepdad to suicide within just 18 months of each other. This tipped my world upside and introduced me to a whole new level of guilt, anxiety and fear. Give Up or Get Up The fear was strange and, when it surfaced, I realised that I had two choices: give up or get up. It was at that moment; life began to change. I made the decision to do whatever it takes to help others who are experiencing the similar internal battles, with their mindset and help bring light into darkness. I threw myself headfirst into studying and worked hard on my own personal development. I became obsessed with everything to do with neuroscience, mindfulness, peak performance and spirituality. Happiness is an Inside Job I soon came to realise that the old saying is true: “happiness is an inside job”. No amount of money can buy it, no one else can give it to you, it isn’t outside of you, it’s available from within. Having successfully co-created a limited company focused on mental health and run large profitable online businesses in the past, I bring my own experiences and expertise to the table and can “step into your shoes” to see things from all angles. I work exclusively with awakened men and women who are ready to “step into their power” so you can live your life feeling fulfilled, aligned to your passions and higher purpose. My belief is that through self-awareness, a clear vision and unshakable belief, we can each be living the life that we are destined for and co-create a positive movement around the world. Life is too short to be living in the shadow of your potential. Is there something from your past that is holding you back? Do you feel past traumas and limiting beliefs are stopping you from being your most confident, authentic self? Do you have an inner calling to transition your life or career? Do you know you have greatness within you waiting to be unleashed? If you have something from your past that is holding you back and you want to release it once and for all, or you have an inner calling to unlock your potential and do greatness with your life and career, now is your time to follow your intuition and we can get booked in for a coffee and consultation call.

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