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Maintain Positive Routines and Healthy Habits when You’re Experiencing Change

Updated: Oct 7, 2022

Your behaviours are a result of your thoughts and feelings, if your mind is full of worry-based thoughts and your feeling stressed, your behavior is going to be a direct reflection of that. This is why when you have extra things on your plate (such as navigating your way through a global pandemic for example) your habits and routines can get kicked to the curb. But this doesn’t have to be permanent, in fact, if you follow the steps below you can help yourself stay focused and feeling on track. Three things to consider when sticking to positive habits and healthy routines: First things first, be kind to yourself. The more that you stress and worry, your habits and routines are going to be a little erratic as a result. Staying clear of brain fog and keeping clarity of mind starts by being understanding of yourself and others. A little more patience will go a long way. A powerful mantra to help you along is ‘Today I’m going to go with the flow’. With us encountering a lot of change, it’s natural to feel out of control, but by being open to going with the flow, it’ll help ease your day to day functionality.

Knowing that this isn’t permanent. This is temporary and it will pass. When you tell yourself this, you’re giving yourself hope it won’t last forever. It will help you to embrace things and take the rough with the smooth. Sometimes it’s about being okay with being okay. When you’re not feeling resistance inside, for example if you’re deciding to not feel angry at the government or choosing to not feed into the news, you’re going to have a much more peaceful mind and again, will feel more settled in maintaining your usual healthy habits.

Get clear on your healthy habits and routine. If you’re not consciously clear on what your habits and routines are, your unconscious mind will naturally take over and do what is familiar and what feels good. Que feeling like you have somehow ‘fallen into bad habits’ of Netflix and chill daily, scrolling on your phone, snacking and so on. In order to not fall into those unconscious habits, implement simple habits and routines that are going to empower you and keep you on track, focused and motivated. Use the resources you have, a dairy, calender or sticky notes to help remind you. We have welcomed lots of new people into the Warrior Academy this week, if you too are ready to be supported through the next chapter in your life, there’s just 4 more day’s left to join the Academy whilst the special offer of receiving a free online Vision Board ticket is available! Join the Warrior Academy Here Call me on 07763 599570 Join me on Facebook Follow me on Twitter

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