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Warm, hot, hot, boiling!

Updated: Oct 7, 2022

I was reflecting on childhood games we used to play the other day when one in particular one made me really stop and think. It’s like the game somehow sets us up to trust in external guidance, trust the signs and feelings from within – its what I called as a kid the ‘hot and cold’ game!

It went a little like this…

One person would be ‘on’ and they would close their eyes, the other person would only be able to say words associated with hot and cold and the idea of the game is to guide them towards an object in the room using only their sense of hearing and intuition. The closer they got to the object (or prize!) the more excitedly the other person would shout ‘warmer, warmer, hot, hot!!!!’ and if they suddenly begin to move away from the object, they would hear ‘getting colder, colder, freezing!!’ and that would quickly make you change direction and move back towards where you intuitively know is warmer and where the good stuff was! This is what I would say is the closest example of how the universe communicates and guides us through life.

The experiences you go through that feel off, painful and overwhelming are often things you have unconsciously manifested into your world (this can be hard to hear!) but when you think about how you FEEL in darker those moments, you no doubt have a gut feeling or an inner knowing that this coldness isn’t meant for you. That is where the universe or your guides are letting you know that you are out of alignment and feeling cold.

Then, when there’s a silver lining, something goes to plan or you decide enough is enough, the universe and your guides are secretly shouting WARMER, WARMER, HOT, KEEP GOING!! You have a gut feeling that things are looking brighter, that there is hope and you are ‘going in the right direction’.

The aim of the game of life is for you to feel your way into alignment with what lights you up, what makes you feel fulfilled and your job is to keep doing more of that until you are on your path of least resistance (aka living your best life by design!)

As you go about your day, I want you to ask yourself are there any areas of your life that are feeling a little cold? Is your intuition sensing that something just isn’t quite working for you? If so, start trying new things and changing direction to seek the warmth and excitement that is always available for you! The Warrior Academy is a safe space to heal, grow and connect, if you know there’s more within you waiting to be awakened you can come and join the tribe below! JOIN US HERE Call me on 07763 599570 Join me on Facebook Follow me on Twitter

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