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3 Things to Help Boost your Confidence and Self-esteem

Updated: Oct 7, 2022

Confidence is an inside job, you may look at others and think ‘wow, they look so confident!’ but it’s what is going on on the inside that really counts. Now more than ever people within the Warrior Academy are focusing on ways to feel confident again as we begin to step back into the world of physical connection and interaction.

Here are 3 things you can start doing today to instantly boost your confidence and lift your self esteem. *Warning – these may sound simple, but when you practice what I’m about to share with you, you may just find that there’s some things you currently do that are sabotaging your confidence without even realising it.

You may have some unhelpful habits that are blocking you from feeling like yourself and are dragging you down, so let’s dive in! 1. Stop ‘should’ing’ on yourself

Every time you say ‘I should have said this to them’ or ‘I shouldn’t be eating this’ for example, you are flooding your mind and body with feelings of regret or remorse. Either way, they are damaging for your self-esteem.

It negatively effects your motivation every time you ‘should’ on yourself too, you are highlighting how you are aware of what you could be doing or wished you had done, but instead it’s either too late (regret) or you don’t actually plan on doing anything about it.

Here’s what you can start doing instead – firstly, become super self-aware about saying ‘should’ to yourself in your head and to others. Secondly, begin to replace it with more empowering, hopeful language such as ‘what I may do is…’ or ‘what I will do is…’. These simple switches change the entire context of what you are saying or thinking, and also has a positive impact on your motivation and outcome.

2. Accept compliments

How many times has someone complimented you on how nice your hair looks today, for you to push back and say ‘oh I’ve just washed it, it really needs doing!’ or ‘this top was in the sale when I got it, not sure the colour suits me it washes me out!’ or ‘I’m sure that payrise/promotion was just a fluke’. I’m speaking from my own personal experiences here!

There’s a couple of reasons why this negatively impacts your self-esteem, you are putting yourself down to a level that feels more comfortable by not accepting the compliment, you are searching for a reason and validation to prove why what they said isn’t actually true and from the other persons point of view who complimented you, it’s basically saying I don’t agree with you, you are wrong. Which is never a nice feeling for them!

Take a breath and simply say ‘thank you, that’s made me smile’ or thank you, that’s made my day’. The moment you begin to own the praise or compliment you are affirming to yourself that you are worthy of others saying nice things about you, you acknowledge someone elses positive perspective (rather than fearing judgment) and it makes them feel good in return for making you smile or feel good. Win win!

3. Straighten up your posture

Your physiology impacts your physiology, meaning your body posture and how you hold yourself impacts how you feel. You’ve no doubt seen people who are nervous, picture how they stand or sit. Now think of someone who is fed up, and picture how they stand or sit. Now envision someone who is confident, how do they stand or sit? Notice how there’s no context to these pictures you can see in your minds eye, but how you just know how they are feeling by how they are holding themselves.

Start by sitting or standing up straight (try this now to instantly shift your state!), now roll your shoulders back and lower them down away from your ears as you lengthen the spine and neck. Take a deep breath in through the nose and exhale out through your mouth, elevate your chin up slightly and repeat this a few times, on the last exhale smile to yourself – now notice how calm you feel within that minute of realigning your posture and focusing on your breath.

This helps open your chest and lungs capacity increases, allowing you to bring in more oxygenated blood that instantly awakens brain cells and helps energise your body. There’s numerous physical and mental benefit’s by doing this. If you find yourself in a situation where you feel overwhelmed, nervous or anxious, try this for an instant confidence and mood boost!

One of my all time favourites personal for boosting your confidence and self esteem is walking like the floor below you is glowing. Whether that’s on your way to a meeting, the school gates or out and about, if you pretend the floor below you is glowing you instantly feel like a rock star. Try it and let me know how you feel! Want to make 2021 the year you break through your struggles, feel more confident and feel like you are finally on the right life path for you, come and join over 50 fellow warrior women and men in the Warrior Academy to have 24/7 access to mindset and mental health support, a library of masterclasses on all things spirituality and personal development, over 20 pre-recorded meditations and visualisations, monthly online New and Full Moon Ceremonies and a tribe of like minded people just like you, who are taking their health, happiness and life into their own hands. JOIN US HERE Call me on 07763 599570 Join me on Facebook Follow me on Twitter

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