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3 Tips on How To Not Only Embrace Change, but Thrive Through It.

Updated: Oct 7, 2022

At some point in our lives, we’ve hated change. At some point in our lives, we’ve at least thought changes are uncomfortable. We do our best to avoid it—whether that’s changing jobs, careers, relationships, schools and things like that.

Why do we resist change? We fear change because we fear that we might lose something that is important to us, or we won’t be able to adopt to the change. We fear of losing control and not being able to adapt to the new way. At a deeper level, psychologically, it threatens our safety. We feel out of control, and when we feel out of control as humans, that’s when we begin to panic. But let’s be honest, it can be so much worse in our heads than it is actually in real life. So how can we not only embrace change but actually thrive through it?

1. Understanding that change is inevitable. It happens, we can’t always control everything that happens in our lives. The more that you embrace it, the less resistance you’re going to feel. When we have less resistance, we begin to embrace it, and we may even enjoy the change. Think back now, just reflect for a moment if you’ve been through something life changing that at that time you couldn’t avoid. You might have thought there’s no way you’ll be able to handle it, all the what ifs. During the process, it indeed is uncomfortable. We may have a few wobbles along the way, but actually through the other side of it, we may begin to realize that it’s not too bad. You may feel much stronger and confident. Change is inevitable, transformation is a choice. We can sometimes be thrown into change and if we really resist it, it could be really painful. Whereas when we embrace it, you’re going to find yourself taking action despite the fear. That’s when beautiful transformations happen in your life. 2. Facing your fear head on. When you’re at that point where you have to make a decision, just thinking you’re just gonna go for it and having the ability to possibly root yourself on. Checking in with what you’re saying to yourself is incredibly powerful! Rather than saying “I’m rubbish.”, “I can’t do this.”, “I can’t handle change.”, “I want to run away from change.” Lockdown is the biggest change any of us could ever experienced. But within a couple of months, it became like a norm. After a couple of months, it has become sort of a normal life now. We become adaptable so quickly, and something else to remember when it comes to embracing change — it depends on our habits. What do I mean by this? If something in your life changes, like your job, it isn’t the job in itself — your routine may change, your commute may change, what you wear may change. It takes 66 days to form a habit. What do we take from that? It takes an average 66 days to feel comfortable with change because they all depend on our habits. 3. From change comes growth. If you go in there with this mindset and think of how you’re coming out to change and how you’re going to adapt to it, you are reinforcing to yourself that change isn’t too bad, a positive reinforcement. What have you learnt about yourself? What is the change that you had to embrace? How does that make you stronger? How does that encourage growth? The more that you can reflect on that, the more you’re going to be excited when change happens. Just know that you can take those lessons from change whether it’s good, the bad, the ugly. Get access to a Mental Health Thrive Guide and Free 3 Part Coaching! Call me on 07763 599570 Join me on Facebook Follow me on Twitter

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