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5 Biggest Mistakes People Make When Manifesting!

Updated: Mar 3, 2022

We’ve got access to all the latest trends on how to manifest the life of your dreams, but are you aware of the common pitfalls to avoid?

I’m speaking from experience here, and from working with clients who go from being messy manifesters, to conscious manifesters - totally aligned to what they want and it falls into place at a rapid rate. They understand not only the keys to manifesting, but what to avoid!

Here they are:

You need to see it to believe it. We get brought up in a very evidenced based world, if you want something, you only really believe it to be true once you have the desired thing. This leads us to look for evidence that backs up the belief.

But when it comes to manifesting, it’s about coming into alignment with what you want mentally (what you say to yourself, what you believe, what you perceive), energetically (vibrationally), and taking the action—those things need to be in alignment. If you're thinking you need to see the evidence so that you can trust and believe it to be possible, you're not thinking in alignment with what you want. It slows you down because you won’t see it UNTIL you believe it.

Not being specific. You must be clear about your intentions and what you want in order for the path to open up to you. Ask and you shall receive, you’ve no doubt heard that being said. Many people focus their attention on what they don’t want, or are wishy washy with their goals and intentions. Say it clearly and say it specifically. A client of mine once wanted to meet the man of her dreams, she put a picture of an engagement ring on her vision board. Within a month, she had a new client (she worked in marketing) it was a jeweler and one of the pictures they wanted to use for their promo was the exact ring she had put on her board. She wasn’t clear enough about the relationship she desired!! You get exactly what you focus on.

Jealousy and comparison. This is where self-awareness comes in, because we've got to take responsibility for our minds. It's not very nice if we find ourselves comparing ourselves or feeling jealous, and it's not something that people like to admit to. If you can't be happy for others, you won't be on the right vibration and focus of having that thing for yourself. Revel and celebrate others who have or are doing what you desire! It means it’s possible for you too! Let them pave the way, choosing inspiration over comparison.

Not committing to learning. So many people want to set goals, but when it comes to the emotional work, the alignment, the manifestation work, the energy work, they don't have time for it.

When we are open to learning about manifestation, commit to personal growth and learn about the universe, you won't regret it. You’ll start to get your own answers, you’ll tune into your intuition more. You’ll learn what language is an enabler when it comes to manifestation, and which hold you back. You’ll have a deeper understanding of yourself, greater patience and a knowing that what you desire is on it’s way to you. THAT’S the golden ticket.

Fearing the unknown. When we fear the unknown, we stay in the comfort zone. To step into your full manifestation power, it comes down to feeling the fear and doing it anyway. Magic lies at the end of your comfort zone, don’t wait until you are completely fearless, try taking small steps that build your confidence. As a result you’ll find yourself thinking ‘WOW I’m so glad I tried doing that’ - helping you recognise its safe to take risks! Investing in having someone by your side to help guide and support you, helps make the process of facing and healing your fears all the more powerful.

I’d love to know if there’s any pitfalls you’ve experienced whilst manifesting or going after a goal?

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