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5 Simple Ways to Protect your Energy

Updated: Oct 7, 2022

There’s so much talk about recessions, depression and what winter may bring, I don’t know about you, but there have been day’s when I have felt like hiding away from the negativity, waiting for all this to pass. Yep I even had a dream that I turned into a hedgehog and went into hibernation! If that isn’t a sign of craving escapism, I don’t know what is!

If it’s not all over the news or on social media, its spoken about in the next conversation you have. It’s easy to get sucked into these things and fear sets in.

The overwhelm that comes with uncertainty. That’s why I have been more consistent with protecting my energy more than ever before. It’s the simple things you can do that offer the best support. So how do you protect yourself despite the negative energy around you?

How do you protect your own energy? Here are 5 simple things you can begin to practice right away (if your superpower isn’t transforming yourself into a hedgehog of course!)

1. Be self-aware. It’s important that you recognise what makes you tick, and what makes you sick. The more you get to know how your body reacts to certain environments, people, social media channels, TV and radio stations, the more control you will be able to have over where your focus goes. If you begin to know what triggers your anxiety, you can prevent it from happening. If you know what makes you feel calm and happy, you can do more of that.

2. Be aware of energy vampires. Notice how things and people are affecting you. If you notice that particular people or channels on social media have a negative impact on how you are feeling, take a step back. Limit the amount of time spent with said person (energy vampire) or unfollow the person or channel that is impacting your energy. It’s important to set boundaries with people who bring you down.

This doesn’t make you rude or selfish, this is about your mental health and the ability to continue moving forward feeling strong. 3. Carry crystals. Amethyst is a really good energy protector, hematite is a powerful crystal for helping you to feel grounded and calm. I recommend keeping them by your bedside, in your pockets (or bra most of the time in my case!) or around your neck or wrist. 4. Meditation and visualization exercises. Spend a few minutes in the morning setting your intentions,protecting your energy and expanding your aura. You can find some great meditation and visualization guides on YouTube, I also have some available on YouTube, Soundcloud and we have tons that I have recorded in the Warrior Academy. 5. “My unconscious mind is going to reject that”. If someone says something to you that could hurt, irritate, offend or triggers something within you, say this powerful statement to yourself: “My unconscious mind is going to reject that”. So, if you hear something that irritates or offends you, rather than it being something else that’s put on your shoulders, making you feel crap, command your mind to reject it. Remember that whatever you give your focus to, whether that’s internally or externally, you will begin to feel that. Your energy is your life force, it’s beyond valuable to you. Protect it and nurture it. Get access to a Mental Health Thrive Guide and Free 3 Part Coaching! Call me on 07763 599570 Join me on Facebook Follow me on Twitter

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