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Do you have the same limiting beliefs as an elephant?

Updated: Oct 7, 2022

When I first heard this story around 4 years ago it quite literally engrained on my mind, it was like a penny had dropped and I realised JUST how powerful our belief system really is, and the lasting impact it has on our lives. I hope this resonates the same way with you. It’s about how circus trainers use the power of limiting beliefs to train their elephants. When training a baby elephant for the circus they tie a rope around the free spirited animals neck and attach it to a big pole. The beautiful animal struggles, pulls and tries everything to break away. But eventually it tires and succumbs to the fact that it isn’t able to go any further than the rope allows. Each time it is let out, the same thing happens, the rope is tied around its neck, it resists and eventually gives in. The elephant begins to believe the rope around it’s neck is stronger than it ever will be. It’s unconscious mind now believes it is not capable of going further than he has been able to before, and becomes a prisoner to that belief. The trainer can then simple pop a roper over the elephants neck and know that that alone will stop the elephant going any further than the distance of the rope. The elephant grows stronger and more giant by the day until eventually it is a full size, strong, powerful animal. Yet it does not know that with one pull or push, it could break free. Instead it stays within it’s limitations of the mind In the same way that the elephant learns it’s limitation as it grows up, we too have limited beliefs that keep us from expressing ourselves fully, going after goals and achieving our full potential. What limiting beliefs do you have that are keeping you stuck? You have the ability to go beyond your internal limitations, and you have the power to achieve more than you currently believe is possible. Take a deep breath and take the first step beyond the rope. Call me on 07763 599570 Join me on Facebook Follow me on Twitter

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