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From Self-Doubt to a Leap of Faith

Updated: Oct 7, 2022

When Alice contacted me, she said she felt trapped. It was a very frustrating position. She couldn’t decide where to focus her energy and felt overwhelmed. This self-doubt kept her thoughts ‘stuck in her own head’, rather than taking any action.

This is Alice’s story … I had just been through a very transitional 18-month period. My life feld changeable, volatile and uncertain. I wanted to regain my sense of self.

From our first session, I felt an incredible sense of relief! Carol-Ann’s warm and approachable nature made me feel at ease and she showed a level of compassion and understanding. After our conversation, I felt an immediate increase in clarity. Carol-Ann helped me to identify my values and list out all my ambitions – however huge or ridiculous – which helped me verbalise goals I didn’t even know I had.

A Sense of Direction

Carol-Ann consistently helped me navigate between my ‘big picture’ vision of the future and the short-term goals which will help me reach it. This clear sense of direction, along with amazing support, has helped me to take on challenges which I never would have attempted before. I have pushed myself to tackle long-held limiting beliefs. Gaining Clarity One of Carol-Ann’s strengths is asking incredible questions. She really encourages me to get clear on what I want, who I am, how I want to move through the world and what legacy I want to leave behind. It’s incredibly empowering to feel so much clarity around your identity and your mission in life. I would describe Carol-Ann’s coaching style as ‘firm kindness’. She champions my progress with warmth and sincerity, matching the level of ambition that I have for myself. Carol-Ann challenges me, keeping me ‘on my toes. to help me to continually move forward. She strikes a balance between gentle and strong support in every session and is intuitive enough to know how far I need to be pushed. No more self-doubt! After years of telling myself I’m ‘not a techie person’, I have produced my own podcast series. I not only had the confidence to be able to move from conception to launch, the project went live within six weeks of having the initial idea! I would never have imagined I could move so swiftly from thought to action. This is just one of the incredible benefits I have gained through working with Carol-Ann. As well as our regular coaching sessions, she’ll drop messages in between meetings to give me advice and support along the way. This gives me a boost as well as a sense of accountability. Carol-Ann’s engagement and commitment to my progress matches mine!” Alice Lyons, Dark Coffee Podcast

A word from Carol-Ann

From day one, Alice approached our sessions with an open mind. She was willing to do whatever it took to explore her passions and purpose. We used an array of techniques – CBT, to help overcome any negative thoughts and habits, and NLP to remove self-doubt limiting beliefs, and help Alice to truly tap into her potential.

Alice is a true visionary. We married this up with her passion for supporting people’s metal health. Alice now hosts a successful podcast called ‘Dark Coffee’, has a strong social media presence and is well on her way to bringing wellbeing workshops and 1-2-1 support into the corporate world. With a clear plan of action, greater self-belief and an unshakable vision, she is now living a life aligned to her purpose and has clarity and confidence on her new life path.

If you are struggling with self-doubt and feel like something is holding you back, take a look at my coaching page to see how I can help you. You can also call me for a free 30-minute consultation – click here for details. Carol-Ann 07763 599570

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