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How to trust things will get better

Updated: Oct 7, 2022

It can be easier said than done the whole ‘trusting the process’, especially when you may have felt like you tried that in the past and you still aren’t where you hoped you would be in life.

But here’s the thing, the more you try to control situations, people and outcomes, the more resistance you come up against both internally and externally. Why? Because simply put, you can’t control the uncontrollable.

No matter how hard you try, you can’t change things that are out of your control. The solution here is to focus on what you can control, and that is yourself.

The most powerful decision you can make in your life is to deep dig within you and trust that somehow, someway, it’s all going to be okay.

When I found myself completely paralysed with fear and anxiety when running my previous business, the last thing I felt I could do was trust it was all going to work out okay. The company itself was flourishing and the work was fulfilling, but the people I found myself working with simply weren’t aligned and I became a shell of who I was. My confidence was trampled on, I questioned my every move and knew that something had to change. I worked SO hard on changing everything outside of myself, yet nothing changed. In fact, it made things worse.

It wasn’t until I realised the inevitable; that for a positive change to happen, it was going to come from within me.

I genuinely had no idea what other options I had in business, I felt like my whole identity was based around what I was doing, I had worked my ass off growing it and it felt unfair for me to have to step away.

But I knew deep down that if I put my energy and focus into trusting that things will get better if I let go, that if I stepped away and started afresh, it will all work out SOMEHOW. So I did.

And I cried, a lot. I questioned if I had made the right decision and even explored backtracking because trusting the process was that uncomfortable to me back then. But I leaned in to my spiritual side, I reached out to my mentors and close friends – I let go of control and the need to have everything planned out.

Fast forward nearly 3 years and I can wholeheartedly say the process of trusting that everything will be okay was one of the most powerful life lessons I have experienced. I have a more aligned, successful business, a small team I work with, have more time freedom than I thought was possible and are now looking at going Ltd due to the growth in the last 18 months.

Had I not have trusted that things will get better and had the courage to step away and surrender to the process, I dread to think what I would be doing now and how I would be feeling.

Not trusting that things will get better is a choice, you are choosing to believe that. If you find yourself not trusting, choose again.

Lastly, the missing jigsaw piece that makes this process so powerful is gratitude. Even if you feel that things are terrible for you right now, even if you never dreamed you would be in the situation you’re in – find gratitude in the little things that you DO have right now, despite what’s going on.

When you can be grateful for what you have in circumstances that are painful or fearful, your energy and point of attraction is higher than it would be if you were soley focusing on what you don’t have or how awful things are.

You bring in more of what you think about, this is why I say practicing being grateful in times of despair is the difference between staying stuck where you are, and things starting to align and working out better for you.

You may start noticing synchronicities happening or what most call ‘coincidences’, only there is no such thing as a coincidence. If you feel like you have lost hope, choose again today. Things can and will get better for you. Call me on 07763 599570 Join me on Facebook Follow me on Twitter

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