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Is fear holding you back?

Updated: Oct 7, 2022

This cute picture is of a young girl called Tracy who loved Mini Mouse but had a severe fear of water.

So much so, she quit swimming lessons at a young age and grew up avoiding all the fun activities adults do in water … … playing in the pool with the kids? NO … paddling in the sea? NO … water sports? NO … boat trips? NO … swimming? NO I suppose unless we have the fear ourselves, we don’t realise how much we can take for granted.

When Tracy came to me for 1-2-1 coaching sessions, we discussed focusing on her confidence and general direction of life. She wanted a new career and had no idea where to begin.

We got onto the topic of fears and this is where Tracy shared her life-long fear of water with me.

Where did the fear of water originate? She said “it’s something that I just remember having all my life. There’s no particular experience I had that triggered the fear.”

She laughed and said “although I do remember not liking my swimming teacher!! She used to shout and this one time I was wearing my FAVOURITE Mini Mouse swimming costume, whilst trying my hardest to do back stroke, she shouted at me “make sure you stay afloat, or mini mouse will drown!’”

Tracy smiled and continued talking. Can we just stop there a moment!

Saving Mini Mouse!

The brain has one main goal: SURVIVAL. As kids, our minds are open and free to observe and learn from those around us. To young Tracy, Mini Mouse was one of her best friends. She was warned that if she wasn’t good enough at swimming, the result would be that the Mini Mouse on her swimming costume will drown.

I took Tracy through an NLP method over our video call, within 25 minutes we had eliminated her fear of water … and saved Mini Mouse!

Cue life long limiting belief

At that age, we don’t know the difference between what’s hypothetical and what isn’t. Therefore, young Tracy will have subconsciously decided that she isn’t good enough at swimming and the risk is just too great. In order to save Mini Mouse’s life, she will have to not swim.

Fast forward 30 years, this old belief had been locked away in her subconscious mind and was evidencing itself as a genuine fear.