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Re-write Your Reality Through Journaling

Updated: Oct 7, 2022

Remember as a kid having a diary where you poured your heart into about your crushes at school (I ❤️ JT IDST!!!!) the friends who were picking on you, how much your family were annoying you, what your dreams were, or how you were saving up to be able to afford to buy the latest single that was released – or in my case saving up to move to London…yep that was one of my 9 year old goals!

It was cathartic having a secret place to share your thoughts and feelings, it felt like a weight was lifted the moment you wrote ‘Dear Diary’ and the pen began to flow. Anyone else have a little padlock on theirs? I digress into a world of nostalgia.

At what age did it suddenly become uncool to write your thoughts and feelings down? When did life get so busy that 5 minutes to reflect on your day almost seems impossible to commit to?

A few weeks ago I bared all and read a few pages from one of my journals, not one from when I was younger (although I’m sure I still have them somewhere!!) but from 2018 when I FINALLY realised the power that journalling has not only on our overall wellbeing and mindset, but how it is one of the secrets to becoming a super manifester.

Back then I made it a habit to write in it for 5 minutes every day, simply sharing what I was grateful for in life and what I am excited for in the future.

All I knew was it felt SO GOOD to day dream and write down my goals as if they had already happened.

I wrote how grateful I am for my health, for the coaching business I had, for the number 1 best selling books, for giving motivational talks around the country, for earning £5k per month, for my car, for my children, for our house…

All of these things were simply dreams and goals and goals at the time, far from my reality. Over the coming years I stuck to it every day, even when we were struggling with fertility and having a family felt like it would never happen.

Even when I was still driving around in the car I had bought off my brother. Even when I was still juggling 4 jobs and working every hour under the sun. Even when I was still studying and only working with clients on a reduced fee. I kept the faith not only in myself, but in the process.

Too many people around the world and some of the most successful and fulfilled leaders talk and share how powerful it is to write down what you’re grateful for and what you are welcoming into your life.

I knew that if they could do it, surely it was available for me too? It was worth a try anyway! This alongside working consistently on my mindset and spiritual connection helped me to heal from past limiting beliefs I had held onto about myself for so long, and the journalling felt like a direct way of telling the universe I was serious about making a better life for myself and my family. I was ready to do what it takes!!

Now when I read back through them I can see the breakthroughs, the things that I thought I wanted but actually weren’t meant for me and the most mind blowing thing is so many of my goals and visions have come true, some greater than I had ever imagined.

I literally journalled my life into reality.

If you used to journal but have stopped, see if you can set some time aside for you and do it! If you are brand new to the idea, I promise if you try it you wont be disappointed. Here are 5 journal prompts to help you pick the pen up and get you reconnected:

1. Today I am grateful for…

2. I am ready to release…

3. I am ready and open to receiving…

4. I am no longer settling for…

5. I am worthy of success and happiness because…

There are many tools you can use to enhance your confidence, connection and manifestation, I couldn’t not share what I have found to be one of the most powerful ones. I would love to hear your experiences with journaling! Call me on 07763 599570 Join me on Facebook Follow me on Twitter

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