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Your intuition is your inner tutor!

Updated: Oct 7, 2022

Do you have a ‘go-to friend’ you reach out to when you need some advice or you’re in a predicament?

It’s become conditioned for many of us to want to ask others for their opinions before we make decisions in life.

I can’t leave out those friends or loved ones who also jump in with “here’s what you should do” or “here’s what I would do” and spew their advice on you when you haven’t even asked for it! That a whole load of overwhelm and frustration!

As lovely as it can be to hear different views and opinions (when you’ve asked for it!), 9/10 times you become overwhelmed and even more confused as to what to do than before. You may end up taking the advice and make a decision that isn’t aligned to you and your values, that’s when it becomes a problem later on down the line when something just feels ‘off’ about the decision you made.

When someone else tells you what to do or shares their advice, remember that it is based on their personal views, experiences in life, their values and beliefs, not yours. So what can you do when it comes to making a decision or working through some life problems?

Ask yourself what FEELS right to you! Your intuition is your inner-tutor.

It knows you better than your best friend! It just may not have had the air time or attention it needs to prove to you that it knows what could be best for you.

Think back to a time when you had a feeling about something but listened to someone and it turned out that your gut feeling was right all along! That gut feeling you get about a situation, person, job, whether you walk home or take a taxi…that’s your inner-tutor guiding you.

I have had many experiences in my life when I ignored the signs, listened to others who I thought knew me best or had more life experience, and it lead me down some dark paths and resulted in ill decisions being made. The result? My confidence was knocked to the floor and I felt lost, never quite sure of myself.

I didn’t realise that turning to others was one of the biggest parts of the problem! I wasn’t taking responsibility for myself. When it came to it, it was me who had to pick up the pieces of relationships and my self-esteem, and eventually learnt how to tune in a listen to my inner guidance system. My intuition.

It may be a subtle whisper or a nudge, but the next time you have a situation on your hands and you go to ask somebody else what they think is best for you, take a moment to pause and go within and ask what’s best for ME?

Try asking “what’s going to be the best next step I could take?” or “how do I feel about this?” then listen and feel.

One of the greatest skills I teach is how to have the patience to slow down and tune in to what feels right, and the confidence to take the action on it.

I’d love to hear any experiences you’ve had when you have, or haven’t listened to your own intuition!

I’m excited for you to put this into practice the next time you find yourself reaching for that friend on speed dial. Join the Warrior Academy Here Call me on 07763 599570 Join me on Facebook Follow me on Twitter

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