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Your time is NOW!

Updated: Oct 7, 2022

If there’s something you want to do differently with your career, business or maybe you want to start something brand new but you keep coming up with a million reasons why now isn’t the right time, I’m going to share 3 reasons why NOW IS your time!!

1. If not now, when? Genuinely ask yourself if you aren’t able to commit now, when will be a better time?

After the pandemic? After you’ve had kids? When you’ve paid off your debt? If your reason or excuse to yourself is time bound, there will always be something else that you find to stand in your way. If you find yourself day dreaming about it or it feels like butterflies in your stomach when you think about it, DO IT NOW whilst you’re inspired. You will find that you make the time.

I launched and grew my coaching membership when I was pregnant with twins, there were so many reasons why I could of waited and put it off to a later date, but I took the action and made the time. Its now given me time back with my family and I feel truly fulfilled.

2. There are graveyards filled with unmet desires, business ideas, passion projects, books, hopes and dreams.

As the famous Dr Wayne Dyer says “Don’t die with your music still in you!”. Life is too short to bull shit yourself out of taking a risk at the fear of what judgment or failure. If you’re sat on an idea and not taking action, that’s as close to failure as you’ll ever get. Harsh but true!! By just trying, you are one step closer to fulfilling your dreams and achieving your goals. What’s the worst that can happen if you decide to go for it?

3. Given the current climate, it’s actually a great time to start your own business or get creative and try new things.

Channel your energy into something you enjoy and share it with others. If you’re sat on a business idea or a side hustle you’ve put to one side and you’re too afraid to put it out there, think about just one person who may need the product, service or extra income you are offering! It’s selfish to keep it to yourself (that’s what I used to say to myself when fear was stopping me from taking action!). You truly never know who needs what you have to offer. Your time is now! Join the Warrior Academy Here Call me on 07763 599570 Join me on Facebook Follow me on Twitter

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